Rough But Worth It.

 I met my boyfriend over a year ago on an art website. We originally started corresponding because he wanted me to get onboard with an ongoing project of his (still haven't... but I will someday!), and we just hit it off from there. It was really great to have someone to talk to, even if it was sparce and casual at first. I don't remember when it really started to click, but we talked more and more, flirted, and I started to go to him for advice (he's 10 years older than me) about life issues and such. He always knew just what to say to make me feel better.

And then I guess one day he just came out and told me that he really liked me, and that he wasn't sure where this was headed, but if I was up for it, we could take it one day at a time and play it by ear. I ended up meeting him at a convention in my hometown a few months later, and everything was amazing. I got to spend almost a week with him, and because it was so much more painful than I'd ever anticipated when he flew back home, that I decided to go see him again before the summer was over. So my dad and I flew from Los Angeles to Vancouver and I got to spend 10 more days with him (my pop was only there for 3). The day I had to come home was one of the most painful I'd ever had... I cried the whole day and was miserable for the rest of the week. Thank god for the daily phone calls, though. If it weren't for those (they usually lasted about an hour... that is, until Google Voice let me call Canada for free: now they're an hour and a half!) I don't know what I'd do.

I'm flying up to Vancouver again when I get out of school in May (I go to school in NY, so it doesn't really matter where he lived... either way it would be LD), and my dad was awesome enough to get me plane tickets for my birthday. Not to mention that his side of the family might rent a house up in the San Juan islands in June, and the boyfriend has plans of coming down in July for another convention! And if I'm really lucky, then I might be able to fly him down to LA for christmas... he doesn't have any family where he lives, and it makes me very sad to hear about him spending christmas morning alone.

But when I go see him in May, we're going to go pay a visit to a Canadian consulate... I still have a year of school left after this, but I figure if I'm going to immigrate, then we'll need lots of time to get our paperwork and finances together. ;)

Kopilot Kopilot
Feb 24, 2010