I Am Frustrated..

Hello...I need your advice..

I have been dating with my bf  for a year he is in Vietnam and I am in Indonesia.  He is UK  and I am Indonesian. We met on line and I do love him so much, I guess he does the same.  He visited me last September and we were really excited, he met my family and everybody love him. Then we had a vacation in isolated island, it was really my best time, he said the same couple times. We talked about plans and future..and last time he said that this year would be time for us to start of having family, marry and try to have child. As a women ( I am just turn 36 btw), I was really excited ! We chat almost every night.

He has been trying to get job in my country but their offerd less then what he get in Vietnam, I did ask him whether would be better for me to try to get job there? but he said he had enough there and wants to move in my country.  For me, I don't mind to leave my work or country to be with him of course when we were married...any where

3 weeks ago, his mom is very ill and he went to visit and be ground support to his family, a night before he left everything was fine. He was very upset but we had good communication..supports..But, it has been 3 weeks today and I haven't heard anything from him. I tried to text him, left some off line messages, email, and called but no reply ..he didn't pick up the phone..my feeling tell he has been in Vietnam already. I knew coz his phone was rang..and I asked my friend who is in Viet to call him and he replied with SMS..(he doesn't know this friend). I feel he is ignoring me....

He might have difficult times..his work countract end this month....He always quiet when he has problems..then avoid me...It was happened twice before...but this is the longest. I realy confused, I don't know how to  contact him..and I don't know his address in Viet..I asked him last month to visit him there but he said it wasn't a good time...

Now...i really don't know what to do..I wish to be his partner to sort of his problems....there was time when he said I fussed much..if he didn't contact there is reason..but not ignored..I also can't see if he on line on Skype coz he puts not share details since 2 weeks ago.

Guys, help me.... I don't have support  while facing this situation.   I love him so much and I don't want to lose him....what should I do..I don't know his friend at all....I cry everyday..and it's impact to my work. I only wait...

Sometimes,  I feel..maybe there is culture different that I should know..about space..thinking process..etc. Btw. he often makes poem and collecting my pics then put beutiful songs.

Thank you very much.

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

It is sometimes easiest to pull away from people closest when faced with bad situation and stresses etc. it seems that he is going through a lot right now and may just need some time to sort out himself. try to stay strong and not let it worry you so much, that will only make it worse for both of you. In the end, everything will work out as it is suppose to. I hope it does. Good luck

Elizabeth339, thank you for your advice and wishes, I think you are right :)