So Far In Distance So Close In Heart


west coast USA - England is like 6000-8000 miles.......

 i dont really wanna know exactly how far it is anymore.

i used the if knowing precisely would link us

its a terribly romantic story with all the good bits and pieces that make

romance as sappy as can be. i wasnt looking for a relationship in fact

flat out refused...but smart boys dont give up on what they know to be good for them. 

and smart girls dont test the gods of fate when they hand her

'the one' whether she thinks she is ready for him or not....

we are not in contact everyday by email or phone

have only spent 12 weeks time total (not all at once) in 2.5 years

some of these facts make me wonder how its possible to have what we have but we do

and now miss independent resigned  happily to stay single really. 

never ever having that girly desire or need to be or get married.

actually kind of wants to marry this man....oh! he is in so much trouble!!

shikoba shikoba
46-50, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

hi, i'm in kind of the same situation. my boyfriend lives in england, almost 4000 miles away. i did know the exact distance too at one point but the exact distance doesn't matter. it's what you feel inside that matters :)