Long Distance Love.... Is Still True Love :)

At the moment, my boyfriend is in Texas for Air Force Basic Training. I'm in Orlando, trying to get through college. That's a distance of about 1,172 miles.

Soon enough (in 9 weeks), he'll graduate Basic Training and move closer to me. But he'll still be about 682 miles away for Tech School for another 5 months.

And after that... only the Air Force knows how close by or far away he'll be stationed.


But our love is lasting :) And I'm not worried much.

SaranghaeKisses SaranghaeKisses
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Aww, I'm sorry your relationship didn't work out PeaceLovinIndividual. Good luck in BMT :)<br />
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Thanks, elizabeth 339. It sounds like you're in a happy relationship and I'm glad :)<br />
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I hope all goes well for all three of us!

ill be in texas for air force bmt in a couple months so i salute your man for bein there now and i hope everything works out for yall. unfortunately my long distance relationship didnt last.