I Love Her So Much...

I have been dating this girl for four monthes when out of nowhere i have to leave the state and move 2300 miles away the only the want no crave is to hold her in my arms again and just cuddle untill we fall asleep anyways sorry first day here please let me know if your going throught the same thing.

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

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Yeah... that's what I did when he left for his first deployment; which was SO hard because it made it seem like the next time I would see him was an eternity away & everyday barely cinched on by, that's the only reason I stress on keeping busy physically and constantly challenging your mind.

Kind of... my boyfriend is in the military, stationed in Afghanistan. It's really tough, and I am so sorry that you have to go through this kind of thing to. But, it gets better, it really does. I think what saved me was staying active and keeping busy. I started working out, developed deeper relationships with my friends, and got busy with school. It really helps. Nights are the worst - but all you have to do is fall asleep, and you might get to be with your girl in your dreams. I know its not the same, but it's comforting nonetheless.<br />
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But... you're not alone! I've noticed there are a lot of people going through situations on this site, and most everyone is really supportive - which helps too.<br />
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All the best