First Kiss And 17 Years Later

My first kiss was at age eight. He completely missed and kisses my eye ball. :) We were in grade schoool and then middle school together. Both traveling in different friend circles. Went to different high school. Funny thing is I thought about him every now and then over the years. I dated and even married another man. That obviously didn't work out.  Finially. while looking at childhood pictures one day when I was feeling a little reflective I found a picture of my 2nd grade birthday party and there he was sitting next to me and I though huh i wonder if heis on myspace or facebook. Sure enough I found him. I sent a little note not knowing if he would remember me or not but I really hoped he would. He did.. We started talking and thing grew from there. We are living about 700 miles apart but we are making it work I am planning on moving this summer.

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5 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Aww this is one of my fave stories x

Mh... All the best, be happy!!!

That's great. Go slow. For your sake. You'll be glad either way, to have built a good foundation. It's amazing how often things come down to the solidity of the foundation. The beginning is when the foundation is laid. I wish you both boundless joy together, and growth.

Aww! The story brought tears into my eyes. Wish u all the best!

Omg! I read this story and I'm in such awe. You are so lucky!<br />
I would die to have a love this great and strong. I am so happy you got back together :]