Far Away

hey im emily im eighteen and my fiancee is a marine we are going to get married in may he is in hawaii right now while im in colorado he is going to afghanistan in november so he will be really far away then and i hate being away from him we have been together for two and a half years three in august i miss him so so much. I miss the little things about him the most.
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6 Responses Mar 14, 2010

right now everyday which is a plus i talk to him before i go to sleep on the weekends and he calls when he gets off on the week days. i like to sleep in his shirts and wear his calogne to bed sometimes :) i know the empty feeling to my bed just doesnt feel right.

this is kind of sad, but since my partner has been away I use the other half of my bed to lay out some of my clothes, and it makes the bed seem a little less empty :-(. but major kudos girl, I am also getting married soon, and it is tough. how often can you communicate with him?

lol yes yes and blankets he likes to steal those to but right now i want him to steal my blankets lol.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder... It will make the time you do have together the greatest. You also get more of the bed to sprawl out on...

for awhile we will bw close but then he has to leave again so it sucks how long have you and your guy been together.

Aw that's so sad..I feel the same way with my boyfriend and me but we are a lot closer..He lives in Wisconsin and I'm in Illinois.