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Hello, so I got the idea from my mother to look for a support group for people in a long distance relationship.  I have been struggling and suffering for some time with my relationship, and I hope by opening up and reading others' successes, I can improve my situation.  So here it is.  I am a junior in college, and recently I got engaged!! We had dated on and off for a year, and we just knew that we don't want to be with anyone else.  The catch is my partner is from another country, andd we have worked together at a camp that allowed him to come here.  Since the engagement, he has gona back to his country, and has flown me out to see him over winter break.  When we are together, I am the happiest I can be.  But because of the language barrier, the 9 hour time zone difference, and the fact I am a college student, I feel so lonely.  We have skype and try to say hi to eachother everyday, but I need to feel more connected with him.  He will come to me in May, and after that we will never be seperated again.  Right now, I am stressed with school, my crazy social life, and the feeling of depression from the absence of affection.


So I hope someone out there has some advice for me on how to bond better with my partner on the phone or the internet.  I would just like to be happy with my long distance relationship so other things in my life don't seem so hard.

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Hi Vuittonvixen6 -

This is Stephanie. I'm a casting director in NYC. I'm working on a show I think you might be right for. I've posted the casting notice below and would love to hear from you if you'd like more info. Thanks!

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If you are – or you know – someone with plenty of personality who is currently thinking about uprooting for love, or about to do so, or has thought about doing so in the past, then we want to talk to you!

To submit or nominate someone, please email the following:
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oy im sorry about your situation, and i know you both have strength. being in a long distance relationship has forced me to get stronger, emotionally, and endure many things most people are age couldn't handle. and you can also relate to the stress of the relationship onto the stress of classes lol, but atleast you guys are in the same country, and ya im sooo thankful for skype

God, i know exactly what you mean, I'm a sophmore, not to mention broke in texas, he's in PA, all we get is a couple hours on the phone and skype...thank God for skype i could see his handsome face :)'s hard I know what you least you guys are engaged...i just hope we have the strength to last out till college is over...he came to visit me for spring break it was awesome :)...he left yesterday the apartment seems more empty than it was before...i feel soo lonely and helpless...i miss everything about him, and I cant see myself with anyone else...I should look into transferring closer to him...but the money thing know how broke us college folk are...I know deep inside we're gonna end up together...i know biggest fear is that this affects both of us badly, and we give up- I dont want to :'(

thank you so much both of your for your suggestions and reassurances, and it feels so much better knowing thet there are other women out there that can relate to what I am going through.<br />
<br />
thanks again!!

i just tell my man what i did during the week or day and have him tell me the same i always tell him to have a good day and i always tell him i love him. we just talk about happy things and us as a couple. i neve let a chance go by that i dont tell him how i feel about him communication is key i think we always know how the other feels. that is awesome and a cute story of how you met im happy your relationship is working they are hard and a llot of people dont get that about long distance relationships.