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Am I wrong to feel this way and Be Mad.
My Marine husband is on a exercises here at a US port. I am home with the 3 teenage girls, i work and am away from home 4 days a week 13 hours and as I arrive home there is the 1000 things that are neglected and need tending secret he knows what it take to make the house run.  I come in from work a little late last night  810 and he is on the phone I am handed the phone and he says he is out having a beer with his boss and will call later...I told him hold on wait...I need 5 minutes...he says no got to go...and hangs up. I was annoyed but pressed forward. 10 comes and goes and by 1030 I am mad because he does not answer...but calls back a little later....I asked him why he could not give me 5 minutes before drinking with guys...did he forget he is not single? he says well is not allowed to have fun? I reminded him of all that I have to do just after work can I just let things go to have fun? He hangs up and were not talking at all now..What are we doing wrong?

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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

Your man is the one with the problem not you, you deserve 5 minutes. ITs not much to ask for