It Will Rain My Dear, And When It Does, It Is Wether Or Not We Can Brave The Storm!

I suffer from Bipolar and so does the love of my life. When he became ill this was seven years and five months into our relationship; the waters were definitively tested. I would cry myself to sleep because he was in and out of the hospital. Our love was always unwavering, but he couldn't handle a relationship at the time as he had stopped caring for himself. So I set him free with one lingering hope; that he would come back to me.
I stayed on the phone when he could barely talk just cradling it. I went for weeks without hearing from him but keeping in touch via email with his parents. Finally the phone conversations started again, this time short but he talked more. I helped him conquer his darkness, it took about eight months for him to return to doing what he loved most. I was just proud I was there every step of the way.
It certainly was trying and there were moments where I thought If I held my breath any longer I would suffocate. I was sad he couldn't come to my thirtieth birthday party, but happy we had a great eight year anniversary in October 2012. I know that our love is unwavering, it stands tests, one after the other it may seem, but we pass. I also know that loving you comes naturally and easily and I am proud to be your long-term confident, partner in crime, best friend and True love.
eternalflame30 eternalflame30
26-30, F
Dec 10, 2012