wow.  I really can't believe how lucky I am sometimes. Or rather, that anyone could really care about me so much.

Yesterday was my birthday. We'd planned to go to Disneyland, which was great. I didn't really think I'd get anything for my birthday, I mean, not because he wouldn't but just because I hadn't really thought about it, and was trying hard not to so that I wouldn't be let down.

Well the night before, Monday night-I came home from work, was tired, didn't go into our bedroom - just sat down and ate, and settled in. Being coy, Nathan (my love) kept trying to get me in there, tell me to go get into something comfortable and that I should put away my stuff in the bedroom - finally I caught on and went in there to find the room covered in flowers and ballons. There was the best card and a ring as my present. I started crying, it actually touched my little black heart.

No one had ever done anything like that before for me, it was genuine and really meaningful. Not that I didn't know he loved me but to have someone express it when you don't expect it, just reminds me how much I love him and how much he loves me. It's actually pretty wonderful.

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