A Monogamatic Love Triangle

I guess it all started with the flood. In case you live under a rock I will state the fact that last May  Nashville, TN experienced a devastating and life-altering flood. It effected people from their jobs to where the would live and/or go to school. Well I was out of school for two and a half weeks and I lost my job at the local theater like so many others in the mall that surrounded the theater. Luckily my house and possesions were fine and my managers secured all the employees jobs at the theaters that belonged to the same location nearest to us. Mine was at a theater about fifteen minutes from my house whereas the other one was only about two minutes away. WEll I had gone to middle school, elementary school, kindergarten, church, and the doctor out in that section so it was hardly an inconvenience. I remember how I first met him that day in June.
We(all of the employees who worked at the old theater) entered our new haven of employment. I walked through the lobby with them in my usual gettup. Dark skinny jeans, a loose band tee, converse and my auburn hair a tousled mess. The brief appearance of summer sun hadn't altered my naturally pale freckled skin whatsoever. Then I saw him. He stood sweeping up a mess of popcorn with a look of concentration and confusion on his face. Brown hair hung over his face and since he was bent over slightly I couldn't make out his features. Somehow something about him drew me in. I tore my eyes from him and remembered my psuedo boyfriend.
This guy said he loved me but didn't want to ruin our relationship with the social status pressure of being a couple. Me being slightly desperate submitted to my sixteen year old naivety and believed the *** hole. Still, as I headed towards the conference room I thought about the mysterious boy until my friend said something.
"Sorry?" I said recovering from my deep thought.
"I said we are so lucky," she repeated.
"Oh definitely," I agreed.
"Not to mention we have new territory," she giggled nudging me.
I had never been that much of a girl. I was into reading, writing and softball. I hated gossip and drama. Complaining to my friends was an unforvigable sin in my book but I would be their crying shoulder if ever they needed me. I was really awkward too. I would say random things that people would find humorous or make sarcastic comments that would make being **** themselves laughing. I guess I was more of a tomboy and that's probably why that psuedo-boyfriend meant so much to me. It separated me from being a boy.
My best guy friend, Tim walked up beside me.
"I'm so glad you got transferred here," I said.
Tim and I had history. We had been on a date. HE broke my heart. We didn't speak for months. We met up again when we made plans with a mutual friends and had become tight ever since. He was practically my big brother. And by big I mean big. Tim was on the shorter side but made up for his lack of height with gigantic muscles. He was handsome I had to admit and I had a yo-yo crush on him up until then when I realized we just loved each other as friends.
"Now we can continue to goof off together," he grinned.
Tim was very funny. I always found myself laughing to the point where I couldn't breathe when I was with him. We all stepped into the brightly lit conference room and listened to our new general manager babble on and on about the procedures of this theater. The managers from the old the theater who were transferred as well stood behind him obviously bored. I had tuned out after 'we may do things differently then you did at opry mills'. I just sat and nodded and the fearless Tim texted right before our new manager who clearly wanted our attention.
I nudged him and gave him a look so that he knew to put away his phone.
"It's Brenna!" he hissed with a wink.
I rolled my eyes. Flirtatious Tim always had a girl on his mind. Multiple ones in fact. He liked to keep his options wide open. I went back into deep thought and was stirred out of it by...
"So I trust you all brought your uniform shirts. If you'll follow me I'll give you a quick tour."
Everyone stood and the employees slipped on the maroon shirts with the film reel collars. I stayed at the back of the group following everyone. Tim stood beside me, eyes glued to the phone. I looked to my left and saw the boy again. He had his back to me but I recognized the golden chocolate hair color. I stared for one more moment before following everyone behind concessions. We began to listen to another mindless lecture and once I again I tuned out. WE stepped out into the view of customers and I saw him again. He walked through the lobby holding an orange flashlight and a clipboard studying the sheet attached to it.
Once again I could not see his face. I decided to give up on that quest then. I slipped in some spilled soda and let Tim catch me.
"Your name tag should read 'lawsuit', NOT Isabella," he grinned.
I rolled my eyes and shook my upper arm free of his grip. We finally went to the room behind concessions.
"And that's about it. You can all start next week. Come see the schedule Wednesday," the manager said clasping his hands together. "Any questions?"
The girl who had spoken to me earlier raised her hand immediately.
"Yes, Miss..."
"Sondrea," she replied quickly.
"What's your question, Sondrea?" he smiled cheerfully.
"How much do y'all pay here?" she asked.
I covered my face with my hand.
"Oh dear, God," Tim murmured.
The GM(general manager) replied that it was minimum wage with a pasted on smile. 
"I'm gonna go meet up with Brenna, Is. I'll let you know how it goes," he said giving me a high five.
"Try not to eat her face on the first date, Tim," I called.
"Not till the second hour!" he said running out.
I removed my keys from my pocket and began to head to the side exit door so I could drive myself to my psudeo-boyfriend's house.
Now I know how your expecting my first encounter with the beginning of my monogamatic love triangle. A romantic bump or a sweet pickup line. Well that is fiction. This is reality.
Instead I walked down the hall and caught sight of him finally. For a single second our eyes met. His ice blue with my turquoise. His skin was flawless. A shade of peach. His dark golden brown hair was shiny but disheveled. He twirled the orange flashlight and I looked under his ear to see a headphone. There was no electric shock or magic fireworks inside. Just a slight feeling of recognition. I could tell that he and I were going to have some sort of relationship.
I drove twenty minutes down the road to my psuedo-boyfriend's house. He couldn't drive. He was only fifteen. I swear I drove mechanically the whole time. I wasn't thinking about anything. I still had the piercing blue eyes in my mind. Somehow my chest felt empty and like he had somehow violated my personal thoughts. I didn't know why. He hadn't said anything or even remotely checked me out. Especially in my conservative musical grunge.
I pulled into his creepy long driveway and made my way up the front steps. He let me in and I began the usual routine of saying hello to his parents and sister who was sixteen and pregnant out of wedlock(no judgement-I like her).
We grabbed a movie and headed upstairs to the room with the flatscreen to watch Nightmare on Elm Street(the original with Johnny Depp). We had only been a psuedo-couple for a week or so, so having his arm around me made me slightly uncomfortable seeing as I'd never been in a real romantic relationship with someone of the opposite sex.
After the movie I gave him a hug goodnight and left witht he mysterious boy on my mind.
When I arrived at work the next Friday they had put me in concessions. I counted the money in my register and scanned the lobby for the boy. No such luck. I frowned and looked back to the cash in my register. An hour later at five more employees filtered in. Sondrea stood beside me studying the buttons on her register. I was still looking for the boy. I repeatedly convinced myself that my sudden obsession with this boy wasn't a crush and even if it was I shouldn't feel like I'm disloyal to my psuedo-bf. After all we weren't official or anything and I was allowed to look, right?
"A watched pot never boils..." Tim whispered walking past me.
I turned around to face him. He was lazily taking inventory of the cups. 
"What?" I said.
Tim sighed and looked at me with a look of amusement while using his finger to signal me to come closer. I did and raised my brows.
"Don't act all innocent. Judging by the amount of texts you sent me on mystery boy this last week it's obvious you're looking for him."
I stared at him for a moment and fought off the smile. He caught it and laughed softly.
"I'm right," he said looking back to the cups.
"I don't know what you're talking about."
With that I turned on my heel and went back to studying my register. 
"Brave little Isabella, off to find out who this intriguing boy is," Tim said in his best Anthony Hopkins, Hannibal Lector voice.
I laughed to myself and looked up one final time to see if the boy was there. He wasn't.
I volunteered to make nacho trays in the back so that I wouldn't be able to look at the lobby. Before I knew it I had made twenty four trays(that's quite a lot considering only six or seven are bought a day).
"Isabella!" my new GM called.
I whipped my head in the direction of his voice and walked over to him.
"Didn't you used to usher back at your old theater?" he asked.
"Yes, sir. I was the only girl," I replied.
"Perfect. Would you go clean theaters with the usher and check on the women's restrooms every now and then?" he asked nicely.
I wasn't used to a polite GM so I agreed with a look of bewilderment. I was used to commands and orders... not requests. I grabbed a broom and butler(the dustpan that is has a long handle that waiter's and cleaners use). I remembered that the manager said the schedules for what times movies got out was on the clipboard. I caught site of it on the usher's post and located the sheet. I squinted reading the sheet and saw that a movie in theater eight was getting out now.
I scurried towards the theater to catch up with the other ushers only to discover they were not yet at that theater. I let the people flood out like usual and told them to have a good evening, thanked them for coming, told them to stay in school and eat drink milk (;. By the time the theater had been evacuated I was still without other ushers so I decided to go ahead and get started on cleaning the theater alone. It wasn't a complete wreck so I figured I could at least be halfway done by the time they arrived.
Well I was wrong. I finished the whole thing alone. The ushers had disappeared. I moved onto the next theater. This one was also pretty clean... finished that one alone. The next one I finished alone... Anger began to boil inside me. Was this some form of hazing towards the new employees? What an *** hole move... I began to clean this one too. This one looked like a bomb of popcorn, soda and candy exploded. I got started and began to clean as quickly as possible.
Fifteen minutes later I was only halfway done, almost to the top half of the stairs.
"Well, well, well... I was right. The new kid DOES need assistance." a quirky boyish voice said from behind.
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.
"I'm not that new and maybe if you guys would have helped me clean the last three theaters I wouldn't be this worn out to clean this one.
"Sorry, we were taking out the trash boats to the dumpster. There's an extensive amount of trash tonight. I blame Toy Story. They're still out there but I am here to be of service, ma'am," the voice said.
I spun around to see that it was the boy. He stood at the foot of the stairs with an apologetic smile.
"No iPod," I stated looking at his ears that were devoid of headphones.
He stared at me puzzled then his eyes widened with recognition.
"You're that girl! The one I passed in the hallway," he said beginning to make his way up the stairs to the top row.
I was surprised he remembered such a minor encounter.
"Yeah," I replied.
"I'm ____".
Sorry but I won't reveal his name. Let's just call him... Bosco(after the bosco sticks that I enjoy eating so much).
I nodded and continued to sweep. I just couldn't talk for some reason.
"Now you tell me your name," he said witht he hint of a smile in his voice.
"No, I don't," I replied.
He stopped sweeping and looked at me, I stopped and looked at him.
"Why not?" he asked.
I shrugged and continued to sweep.
"Witness relocation program?" he asked.
I laughed softly and shook my head.
"Running from the law?"
"My dad is the law," I replied.
"My dad is a cop and a drill sargeant first class," I replied.
This was how I weeded out the pansies from the keepers.
"That's cool. It'll make our relationship tricky but I can deal," he shrugged.
I don't know which shocked me more at that moment. The fact that he didn't mind my dad being a cop and drill sargeant or the fact that he already assumed we had a relationship. I wondered what kind of relationship he was thinking of because I knew what I was thinking. Not that I wanted one with him at the time... or did I? To this day I don't know.
"Relationship?" I blurted finishing the top row.
"Did I stutter?" he said in a deep voice.
"You don't know me. How do we have a relationship?"
He ushered the last bit of trash into his butler and trailed after me down the steps.
"I can just tell."
That was the beginning of the most confusing romance of my life...
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