Respect Other People's Relationship

When I met him, I was married, and he was in a long distance relationship

We wanted to be together

I divorced

but he still cannot give up his girlfriend

Now she is also interested in another man, but he still doesn't make any moves toward our relationship

now all four of us cannot have happy relationship.

Now I cut off my ties with him.

I will not contact him, or have any romantic hopes for him as long as he is still with his girlfriend.

Let their relationship take its course without interference from me.

If he is meant to be my partner, he will come back to me,

like a ball  tossed high up in the air that will eventually land back into my hand.


Now I know, I will never get in between another person and his relationship, I will respect their relationship,

and with this realization, I hope that someone will come, someone who is single, who is perfect for me, and wants to be with me, and only me,

because I deserve no less than that.


I dedicate my realization to help all other who are having relationship problems to see a happy and perfect solution for all that's involved.


Chikoobaobay Chikoobaobay
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

I was sort of in a situation like that... the best thing for me was to cut all ties an move on... an yes it did hurt but looking back it is a good thing i did... my only advice love is cut ties an try to find the happiness you deserve in another