I have been reading many, many posts in experiences labeled in some way with Domestic Discipline or DD in its title. The majority of these posts upset me because the women share experiences of what I consider to be very cruel, abusive, and more BDSM than DD. I have made some comments on some of the posts because I am truly saddened and worried that women are allowing men to obsessively control them and excessively abuse them and label it as love and DD. They tell me that that is what works for them and it is how they live a DD lifestyle. In one way, this makes me want to cry because nothing about DD is abusive. Having your husband beat you thousands of times and night after night for something as simple as not picking up some things laying around in the living room is abuse-plain and simple-there is no way around it. Discipline should NEVER harm and leave a woman in agony. Discipline is to make a point and keep a couple united and focused on what is best for them and their family. In another way, these posts make me very angry. Women refer to their husbands as Sir or their Owner or their Master. NO! Your husband is your loving life partner even in a DD relationship! He is not above you as a human. He is your equal as a human being and as your life partner. Yes, he is the one who makes final decisions after a two-way discussion, and he is the one who helps you to stay focused and keep your marriage and family a peaceful, loving unit because you cannot have two people fighting for control in any relationship. However, he is your husband, the love of your life, the man you chose to love forever not your owner! In a DD marriage, we wives have an identity and a voice. We are not pieces of dirt that our husbands step all over! We simply allow, trust, and know that in the end, our husbands will make the final decisions for the household based upon what was discussed and what is right for our family. As far as discipline goes, that only plays a part in a DD marriage when you forget that you have entrusted him to be the head of your home-not MASTER-and respect and love him enough to never "break" the unity of your marriage and the love you have for one another. If you forget that you're a part of a team and that your actions could truly break the bond and partnership you have formed together and worked so hard to keep together, then you must be reminded of the ultimate prize-a loving, happy family-and that reminder may take the form of discipline. It is done in a loving way and as a loving experience for both husband and wife. Communication must occur before and after the discipline because it is meant to create harmony not harm to a marriage. DD is centered around love not abuse and control!
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bdsm & DD are not mutually exclusive or inclusive nor does either HAVE to be male led!

I never said DD was only male led. I was sharing MY EXPERIENCE, thus I am on this site. I loathe BDSM, so no comment on that subject.


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i absolutely agree with you. Thanks for posting this, it needs to be said.

Ours is done in a very loving manner. I have a deep respect for my husband and want to show that at all times. I appreciate it when he reigns me back in with a raised eyebrow or a quick enough!!!! ;-)
We have a lot of fun and I do not feel that I am abused in any way. ;-)
I do not mind being spanked because it has brought much harmony to our relationship. ;-)
Ok...... During a spanking, I mind. Lol
Once it is done, the benefits are many for us. ;-)
Good luck in your new venture. ;-)

Thank you!