Every person on this Earth has found something supposedly great. Something that doesn't waste time and gets things done quicker. So, that means three hundred years ago people who were doing things the "old fashioned way" were wasting time, right? So a cell phone, an ipod, a computer, a TV, a car, or any other technology is helping us and not wasting time. Well I find a fault in that. I look at my average Maryland high school and see a decaying world. Instead of learning, kids would rather text or play a video game. Hell, the teacher even lets them listen to ipods or text as they are done with their work. I see that as an infection. In a place of knowledge and learning the principle is just to pass a test so you can grow up to be a worthless slob who is always watching TV or texting someone that is merely inches away from them. I even happened to witness a man in a car talking on his cell phone to a man on a motorcycle maybe just a quarter of a mile ahead of him. From what I see, technology hasn't helped us. All it has done is focus away on our lives so we can believe that living a life dependent on the media's *** is better than the life we were meant to spend. The life we were meant to spend is what we truly recognize as beauty and what we knew that we were meant for from the beginning.

sam14 sam14
13-15, M
Mar 14, 2010