I realized how much of a brat i truly am, all this time i thought i was a good girl but im not im actually pretty naughty/bad. Maybe i should just get out
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Seems like you just haven't found the right Dom for you, YOUR Dom. Just being Dom and sub doesn't make you automatically compatible.


That's a shame - it sounds like you're not letting yourself commit fully to him. The worst punishment they can inflict is to ignore you. Would that upset you? If not, perhaps you need a bit more time, or maybe he's just not the right Master for you? Even online there are just some people you'll never be able to take really seriously as a Dominant, but it's more obvious in real-time.

I'm untrained so im rough around the edges an sometimes i act up just to be reminded of my place but a lot off the "doms" ive meet are either to layed back or to strict

Damn - you edited it after I started my reply! Never mind, you know what you wrote before - either that or EP's mobile site is messing around ;)

No i did edit it sorry but i still appreciate you commenting on it :)

Well you live and learn, try not to let any animosity get involved, if it isn't working out try explaining to him what you feel the problem is, he might adapt or he might free you to look for another Master. Its better if you can stay on good terms with him though, he might even turn into a good friend.
But every time you find what you don't want, you're closer to finding what you DO want ;)

Thank you :)

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