My Boyfriend Has Improved A Lot!

Its been a couple of weeks since me and my boyfriend reconciled after a "cool-off".

Since then, i noticed some improvements on him. He acted sweeter and more affectionate now. Last night, we almost did not sleep... we just laid in bed for hours as while we chat. He told me that he's now comfortable with me already, and it seems like he's not used to not being around me anymore. How grateful i am to hear him say that he's happy being with me.

He mentioned that one time we'll go visit their province where his father lives, and ask me to sleep-over in their home at times so i could bond with his mom. For those reading this now, you'll understand more why i'm so happy writing and sharing this now after you read my previous stories.

However, he's not yet ready to have a commitment with me, to have a child, to settle down and everything since he's not prepared for that yet. I fully understand that. I know time will come we reach that phase. After all, our relationship just is just 3 months young. (our third month today as a couple, 26th of November)

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god bless you both ... and wish you all a very happy life ahead ....

you never what could happen