Moving Too Fast

Last Saturday I got together with a guy I've known since April, we stopped talking for a while because of some problems, so I text him saying that I missed him and then he asked me out. Before we were a couple, he was slightly percistant about meeting up, but know he's constantly saying that I'm perfect for him and that he wouldn't change a thing about me. He also says things like I really want this to work and that he thinks we'll be great together. All of this is really sweet but hes too full on, I'm meeting up with him on soon and I'm pretty sure he thinks that we're going to sleep together. This is the same reason I had to break up with my last bf. they just want to move too fast. I don't know if I regret getting with him now?!
Jmfm1995 Jmfm1995
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

If you guys are so perfect for each other and he wants you so much, he wont mind SLOWING DOWN IMMEDIATELY Which is what sounds like needs to happen, like now. If not, see you never again!