How Stupid Can He Be

I am in a relationship with a Narcissistic person, If it wasn't that I needed his help with money I would have left him a long time ago. I am so sick of him, every word that comes out of his mouth makes me want to throw up AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

A PreSchooler that watches the noggin show "Pinky Dinky Doo", their vocabulary surpasses this narcissistic persons vocabulary but he still insist he is the smartest thing around.

 his narcissistic way of being is not the reason why I say he is so stupid he is just stupid and I want to say so in public.......................................he is a jack a*&^ , loser.ugly,lazy,a bug,uneducated,user,bird s*&^*, stinky, a joke,vomit, I can be here forever so I will leave it as is

ibowtothedivineinyou ibowtothedivineinyou
36-40, F
Feb 26, 2009