Two Kinds of People. . .

I tend to put people into two categories, those you edify and self reflect and then those you surrender to the more superficial things in life. Never have I been able o fully understand why so many choose various forms of escapism opposed to personal growth. Lately I have not felt the desire to do the things I find enlighten myself but would rather fly under the radar and not leave my comfort zone. I feel I am in a philosophical slump.
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1 Response Jul 24, 2007

Interesting. I think one thing that I have come to discover is that growth is not linear, nor consistently in a positive direction. It seems to be in the nature of the human (and any other) organism to have a period of apparent rest, during which time unseen adaptation takes place. What's more enlightenment is a funny thing. If you're not feeling the desire to extend yourself, perhaps your current stage is one of getting to know the self you already *are* a little better?