What Ever

What can I say? Im thinking of so much. And trying to make sence of it all. It seems everything I do is wrong. Whats right for me? I just dont know anymore.

ScottinOK ScottinOK
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 19, 2009

We all have thoes times in our lives more then once some of us several times.<br />
One thing for sure,this too shall pass.All of my life I had to do everything so perfect,I did learn so much during that time,None of your efforts will go to waste.Each and everyone will empack your life.Your thoughts change when you get older the older you get,you pick the goals you have reached and the beauty of what you have learned and made good use of all the gifts you were born with.<br />
When retire from your long,hard road you think about all the people you planted good in their lives.Your good,all the times you gave above and behond your life will bring to you door stept many wonderful rewards.Your cup will run over with the peace and joy and love in knowing you gave your very best!