I'm Happy. I Just Thought I'd Let Someone Know.

I expected not to be happy. Not because I'm in a poly relationship, but because I had doubts that we could make this work. I had such doubts that I could make it work with anyone. I was never in the closet. I also wasn't in a relationship. I was alone.

We started as two. I thought I was a lesbian, I really did; then I fell in love with him. And we were happy. It would have been perfect, except I still like girls (a lot). As much as I loved him, I wasn't complete. The I fell in love with her. It was wonderful while it lasted, which wasn't very long. We got burned and I didn't think I could let it go. But I could and I did. I guess the old adage was right, this too shall pass.

Then another her fell in love with me.
And with him.

Now here we are. Happy. It took a while (a really long while). But I'm happy. 

I just thought I'd let someone know.

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4 Responses May 22, 2012

Wow, this is amazing!

I'm so glad you can work it out and you are both happy with the girl you found and you can all three be happy together I hope my relationship works out the way yours is

ya ya ya yayayayayayayayayayayayay. i love when these things work out. go you for not settling for less. yes. yes. spread the news. too many people think poly life is the result of unhappiness.

I am glad for you that you are happy. Do you think it is possible that many other lesbians are also capable of loving a man if the right one came along? They may not be interested in having sex with a man, but loving embraces can almost always be enjoyable can't they.