I Am Considering Entering A Polyamorous Relationship With My Fiancee..

I have been considering and talking with my fiancee about getting a girlfriend. I am both nervous and excited with this idea. I am bisexual, and love the idea of having my fiancee and a girlfriend. I know it may take some looking to find the right woman to enter into this relationship with us, but I am excited with the prospect of my life taking this turn. I feel like this would be a great way to open our hearts and love more and more. I would want it to be a relationship in which all three of us are sexual with each other. I don't want it to be like separate divided relationships.. I have never experienced a relationship like this and would love the chance to try.. Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions for my fiancee and I about entering into this relationship?
curiousfiancee92 curiousfiancee92
18-21, F
Nov 3, 2012