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I have been a good friend to all my guy friends. They did not return the favor, they just kept on making things up to be mean to me. After going through that several times it concerns me. It's like no man is showing me any respect, some people like me were not born in marriage and for the rest of our lives we have to put up with everyone's crap. It isn't even relevant how men treat us. We can't be kind to someone that is constantly trying to hurt us. That's what I feel.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Hi...Christian02....How are you! Wow.....I have felt like that at different times,with the guy friends in my life too,before!See...I know it can be very hurtful ,and it can get complicated.One thing,I have learned.....and it took alongtime....see,I was expecting them to be just like me,in giving back to me,not exactly the same,but in some small gestures of friendship...and they did.But at times,even now....I can get diappointed.....if they are not courteous and giving in the same ways.But I have to realize....they are,where they are!They are not me,I am not them....but I try to see the good that's there.....what they do contribute.I don't look to them,to make me happy....I can make myself happy.So...my shift has changed! But,I know what you mean too.....it is a treasure....when you meet trueblue friends,who are as caring,and reciprocating as you......in the meantime....take what's good......and do all the things you want and need to do for you.And when you give...............there's a joy in knowing,you gave from your heart,regardless of what other's do!