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so i am with a guy who i think is truly amazing, he has alot of potential and has come along away from what he use to be.. this guy makes me so happy but when i think he doesnt love me, it hurts.. sometimes i think he loves me, sometimes im absolutely sure i see it in his eyes but he wont say the words.. i just wish i could be all that he means to me.. ive nvr been with a guy like this so im not use to it and most times i wish i couldbe like him because i feel needy being this way..july 17th 2011 was tthe day me and this guy started messing around, he wasnt looking for a relationship then and we just became official onjune 25th 2012, this guy is my world..
he has helped me grown and made me learn to love and appreciate myself but sometimes i dont think he does but he must if he puts up with me.. i will keep waiting for the day ttil he says those 3 words cuz i know it will make me the happiest girl in the world.. i hope that we r right for each other and it gets easier for us.. lol i hate being a girl sometimes with all my touchy feelings and emotions but what can u do lol... ill keep praying i guess, thats all i can do for now and until that day comes ill keep my head held high nd keep on smiling :)
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I'm in this situation too. I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and I'm still waiting for him to say it. In April I couldn't help it, I blurted it out and asked him if he loved me. He squirmed looked uncomfortable and said no but that he wanted me in his life and to be his girlfriend. For a while I have brushed this under the carpet but really the hurt never goes away.
You (like me) deserve to be loved, fully and completely and you deserve to be told the 3 words that put a spring in your step and give your heart wings.
Assuming he is not autistic or similar there are only 2 options when you think about it and neither are good 1) he doesn't love you or 2) he withholds telling you even though he knows it hurts you.

Only you can decide what to do but please don't let his failure to tell you he loves you leave you feeling unloveable.

I wish you every success x

I just have a question, is this man autistic ? I f he is you will need to be very patient with him and understand who he is inside. Maybe is not verbal but does things that show he cares about you. If he is not, then you are in for a very lonely ride. It is very hard to change people.