Honestly...Am I Now, Or Will I Ever Be Enough?

we've been together 10 yrs....and he keeps bringing up a *********..and how he wants to try new things(and people) ....and hes always assuring me that he would never do it without me. well then...why do i keep catching him subscribing tohook-upwebsites and personals sites? what should i do...cuz he hasnt actually acted on anything yet? im worried...shouldnt i be? any suggestions???
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3 Responses Feb 18, 2013

My boyfriend is like this. I know exactly how you feel. He told me that he was getting bored with the sex. I'm good in bed and quite freaky, but I had a sex addiction and was pushing sex constantly, trying new things, and wanting sex constantly. He hasn't been with very many people and I imagine that the boredom of sex is because of how much I wanted it and how much and how fast I tried it. We've run out to things to do with just the two of us. I somewhat accidentally suggested a ********* and he jumped on that and started looking for other girls. That made me very uncomfortable. We've since come to a compromise and decided that we would try the swinging lifestyle. No idea how this will work yet. But suffice all that to say, I know exactly how you feel.

Just leave him...urg. Seriously, not worth it. There are better men out there.

He prob feels like he missed out early on in life and wants to explore. It sucks. I had this happen to me. Made me feel like I wasn't good enough. After several talks, my ex said that he feels he missed out on a lot in life because he married young and long. It made me feel uneasy because I felt like if I didn't agree to participating, then he'd go out and do it alone or with someone else. I never agreed to his fantasy *********. I told him I had boundaries. I told him that he should think long and hard at the difference of reality and fantasy. It was useless explaining he'd be ruining having someone who loves you and makes you happy over some fantasy. Boils down to selfishness and disrespect towards YOU, especially if you're not comfortable with his ideas.