I'm in a relationship, but still alone. Doesn't make any sense. He comes around when he want's and not for sex. I just don't understand. I get text's saying I love you and miss you. Ok so why not make time for US. I always let this happen. Yes I hate being alone and feel like I still am and might be letting other guys that are interested in me get away. I'm probably missing out on someone better.
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I agree with yesiluvfeetntoes. If you arent happy, which you deserve to be, then there are guys out there that will make you happy. When im with a woman, she's my queen. Texts are great as reminders and surprises throughout the day, but are no replacement for holding each other, taking walks and just talking, sitting on the couch and watching some ridiculously stupid comedy, (or you can just watch the news and watch the comically stupid republicans work to return the country to the days of the great depression by destroying our economy further, with Obamas help, ans socially to the days when only wealthy white men counted.)

Aside from my political tangent, you should do what makes you happy. Just being able to say you are with someone doesn't truly make one happy, trust me, I've been there also.

I think that is a possibility...For me, when I find someone special, I wanna treat her like a princess...i don't wanna smother her, but i wanna spend all the time i can with her because she's all i can think about...she knows she's beautiful too not by me just telling her but by how i treat her. No..i'm not putting in my application lol...just my 2 cents for what it's worth...of course, if you weren't all the way in PA...Lol...well anyway...hang in there n keep your chin'll know when it's right by how special the guy makes you feel.