A Usmc Girly

well hey guys.

i know ive been in this experance for a while, but ive never quite felt compelled to write anything until now.

So, im with this amazing Marine, and his name it Caleb.

Ive known him for a while now, and been with him for about six month.

NO, i didnt survive Parris with him or anything, it was... ive just come in the middle.

i dont remember how we met anymore, and it doesnt seem to matter.

he is the light of my life, and the only thing i raelly wake up for anymore.

and its hard on me. He recently went from Beufort (sp?) To Quantico.

Two days ago, he just left for Iraq.

this will be his 3rd time here, for the 3 years that hes been enlisted so far.

and it scares me, hes a guy who thinks he can take on the world, and wants to do so.

the past two times hes went, hes told me stories of injuried etc, but insisted that hes still alive, and all will be fine.

but i still sit here, and worry about him.

he said hes going to send me a present, and hopefully that will help me get though the days, knowing ill have a bit of him with me.

but its just so tough anymore.

i hate being away from him.

but i know i have to be strong for him, so when he does call, im not a crying mess, etc.

if you guys have any advice or anything, let me know. i need all the help right now.

-- kara

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18-21, F
Jul 17, 2010