Relief :)

I've already told my story about my bf being in basic training. I hadn't talked to him for over a week (sounds crazy but I was stressing).
Well, today I finally got to hear his voice and I almost passed out in front of the mall.. Lol. I was so surprised, I let out a cry of excitement. then this jerk started mocking me. I turned around and told him to kiss my ***. He said oh watever short ****. My bf started yelling and screaming saying he was gonna come over there and kick his ***.. lol. He's in SC and I'm in Louisiana... I almost laughed but it was a sweet gesture..

Anywho, he told me he was bald (given), that his body and his feet hurt but he was doing ok... Then he said, "But most of all, my heart hurts becasue I can't be with you right now." Aww... :) He said he missed me and loved me and that he had my picture in his bunk so he could see me every night. Then he told me to behave and not to get in anymore wrecks.. HAHA. He told me to expect plenty of mail by wednesday...

I won't lie, I had doubts that the training would change him so much that he would forget about me and all the memories and find someone there who was alot tougher and more emotionally stable than I am, lol. But now I know that I don't have a thing to worry about and I can go to sleep tonight knowing he is thinking of me :)

I still miss him but now I have much more RELIEF than I did a couple days ago... :)
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Yeah my baby boy just went for basic in KY like.. 2 weeks ago and has been in the transition to actual bootcaMP.. HE JUST STARTED THIS MORNING AT 4:30 AM THOUGH. so im sad that he had to be gone those extra 2 weeks for nothing :( but.. oh well.. i got to hear his voice and talk to him for 15 minutes last night and i was surprised i didnt start bawling.. but i tried to stay strong for him.. i almost broke down when he told me how much he just wanted to come back home and how he hated it and how miserable he was and wished he just listened to me and never joined.. it breaks my heart that he is going into it with that kinda emotion and he is stuck in it for 3 years :(... at least its only 3 years though... <br />
<br />
I've already written 3 letters... I'm starting to write every single day so he will definitely never run out of reading material lmao. he has never really been much of a reader or writer though so im worried that he wont write back a lot.. especially cuz he only gets an hour a night to write and he has so much family and friends that ive encouraged to write to him. I really hope i at least get a few decent letters.. I told him I better at least get a full page when he rights back.. he agreed with a little bit of ob<x>jection haha.. he really does hate writing.. im hoping that not having any other way of communication will encourage him to write more. I tried to explain that its kind of like texting without an instant response. ..... but as much as i joke around.. i miss him too much for any words to describe.. I've had dreams about him the last 3 nights straight that have been so realistic that when i wake up I expect to have my head on his chest and i look around my empty room and cry. it sucks. I hope i start getting a little more used to it soon... :(

Same exact experience a while back but nothing has changed about my bofriend. It only happens if they let it get to them but stay strong and you both will get throught this. The letters you receive will be a reminder of how much he cares and that he is the same guy that you fell in love with. If you ever need anything I am pretty good at listening. take care.