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On Thurs night i noticed i was deleted from my bfs fb and didnt know why. I asked his brother and his mom if they had talk to him and they said no he hasnt been on or anything. Well i noticed he was on skype in like 3am in the morning so i asked him if he knew about it and he said he had no idea. He said once he gets to the USO he will add me. Well friday passed, now it's Saturday and everything was completely fine, til his mom tells me he got back on fb fine, that who ever deleted mustve not changed his password. But then a friend of mine realized his status said single. I was lost and confused bc you know hes in a relationship with me. Well i confronted him about it on Sunday and he flipped on me. Saying hes stressed everyday and getting online to what i have to say is bullshit and he cant deal with this nonsense. and he didnt like the fact that i asked his bro and mother. and i told him i was sorry. and he said he was busy and needs to focus on his job, thats the bottom line. asked him if he was breaking up with me. and he told me this was getting insane. and he said his life is on the line this is not what he needs. and then he told me maybe i should focus on my life cause obviously im going crazy thinking of him and waiting 24/7 for him to get online. and that i should do my own thing and he will be home in a year. and then he said he just needs to be on his own mind set right now, that he was sorry. then i asked if we were going talk, and he said not for awhile to focus on myself and get used to not talking to him, that he has 48hr missions starting this week, that he is gone, that i need to get that. that i need to focus on myself and i am too worried about him and just need to stop. it was the last thing he told me. I dont know what to do from here. I have talk to his best friend to make sense from all this and he broke up with his gf when was in iraq. but i feel as if i brought this onto myself. my only thing that i can do is focus on myself. its hard to not talk to him since this is day one of not speaking to him. his best friend told me to stay true. his other best friend who i thought was an ******* told me that he does love me, and he doesnt want the distraction that all he is thinking about is staying alive and not get shot. work from 8-12 then school from 2-8pm from Monday thru Thurs. I am so lost and confused about if he loves me or not. Or maybe i am over thinking this and i really do need to focus on myself. But waiting a full year for someone that i dont know who wants to be with me, who wont even put me back on fb as a friend. If anyone has any advice for me, that would be great. I am lost. I love him very much, and before he deployed we wanted to get married but decided to go the traditional way and wait so we can have a big wedding. He always told me he wanted a family with me and dreamed of us in the future. I am scared of losing him. If anyone can help me plese! Or if this has happened to anyone else. Its Wednesday now and I havent talked to him since Sunday. His mom has been so supportive and is sure that she will see me again. His family from California so we talk thru email, or texting. He has such a wonderful family! I dont know what to think or do. I deactivated my facebook cause i was tired of worrying and constantly thinking why isnt he adding on my fb. I dont know what to do to be honest. And i am really scared!

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i know it is so hard when you hardly get any responces,then you get one like this. the insecurities,if you could only get him face to face,just for a moment then you could work it out...its heartbreaking and frustrating,but i agree with the other comment,this will all work out for the best. it seems to ,e that he is on hostile grounds,and he is worried about his own life right now,and is trying to push you away in the event of the unmentionable happening,in being harsh,is his greatest love. try to remember that,it is hard for a man to say-hey,im worried i may die,so i am pushing you away so if i doit wont hurt you as bad because i love you. just tery to get his address if you dont have it and send a care package and letter once in a while,show him your still supporting him. you wont be all over him like he asks,but you are still showing him "hey,i love you,im here"