An Idea For The Artistic Romantics.

My husband is supposed to deploy soon. And it'll be my first time. But I have been anticipating (or is dreading a better word? Not the good anticipating anyway) the call because I knew it'd happen. Knowing made me sad so I being a nerd you could say thought of ways to pass time when I need to. And there is one thing I think could be cool. That I'm going to do and hopefully it can help someone else haha.
I'm going to start by getting post-it notes shaped in a heart or something. And each day I'm without him write one thing I realized that day that told me why I can't live without him. Not in a depressed way. I think its a good idea because sometimes when men get back they feel like ''wow she doesn't need me anymore'' I mean I think I'd kinda feel that way. I'm a bit insecure about this after reading it haha.
noonehere4u noonehere4u
18-21, F
Jan 30, 2011