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Loving A Solider.........

It can be hard to love a solider,knowing he's going to be leaving me and could die at any point. But i love him just as much anyways. It's just a career option. But, i have 2 daughters. Autumn (10) and shes very helpful with her younger sister Caitlynn (5). They bring so much joy to my life! i love kids, and my husband will hopefully be coming home soon!!

BestMomEver BestMomEver 26-30, F 4 Responses Feb 12, 2011

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thanks, it can be hard, but the greatestt thing is, is that he got sent home him and james. they are going to be home in a week! then there done with war!!! DID YOU KNOW THT SUPERMOM101? its a miracle!! :)

That would be hard having a spouse away like that for any job, but even harder knowing they are at war. You must be a strong person and my heart goes out to you.

miss u too!!