Please Ring Already...

So a couple of days ago my love broke his phone. He told me this by email. I know its selfish of me to want to hear from him everyday, whenever I want but I cant help it. I miss him. I worry about him and I cant stand it. It doesnt help that the last conversation we had he told me his ex wanted to talk to him without his daughter present. should i be worried. He goes on leave in a few weeks and Im supposed to meet in Hawaii. I am extremely excited that i get to see him. It feels like forever since Ive kissed him. I am completely in love with this man. Still,  Im an over analyzer and im driving myself crazy.  This is horrible. My heart goes out to all army wives and girlfriends out there. You all have so much strength and love. its amazing. i hope im strong like you. Ive been told i have a tendancy to push people away before they have a chance to do it to me. I do not want to push him away. I love him so very much.  I know hes ok. I just dont know if hes thinking about me.  It might have been easier if he had started his deployement without being able to text me everyday. But now Im used to hearing from him. I hate that I feel so sad today. I cant figure out whats its about. I need him to tell me that he loves me today. Lol. is that normal. Those three words change me completely.... I wish my phone would ring...
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1 Response Sep 12, 2011

Girl I know how you feel I wish I could talk to my man every day!! I haven't heard my man's voice in 18 days! We have had a few facebook chats here and there but its just not the same! I miss him like crazy! He's been gone over 5 months!! I just can't wait till I can hear his voice again and not too long he'll be home! Just got his return date! :) Hang in there girl and be strong!! You can do this and you are strong enough. Sometimes you just gotta dig down deep to get it! message me if you ever need to talk!

Thank you. =) it means alot. i dont know why im haveing such a tough time tonight. Thats awesome that you know when your man will be home! Im excited for you! I get to see mine in a few weeks. i cant wait!