Just Need To Vent...

well, me and my boyfriend have had A LOT of ups and downs more downs then ups though... lately we have been getting along realy well but then yesterday he started to fight with me... it wasnt just a stupid little fight about nothing he asked me how i feel and what i want our relationship to be(we have been together for almost nine months) so i told him i wanna be the last girl he loves and kisses andwell, everything else then he goes well what about all these other girls? you want me not to do anything with them so thats when we started to fight cause i got really upset about it and he got mad at me that i was upset...anyways... hes gonna be home in 46 days(super excited) i really dont know what to expect after a deployment though...i have heard stories but, i know that everyone is diffrent. in a way ima kinda nervous for him to come home... staying strong just keeps getting harder and harder... he told me hes scared that hes physically going to hurt me and not even mean to so hes been trying to break up with me but, i wont let him cause ima gonna be by his side through it all just like i have been since the start of our relationship... its my job as an army girlfriend to be there for him when he needs me and thats what ima going to do...hes really been worying me though by some of the things hes been saying... some of the things i dont even know how to react... the lower the number of days until he comes home is becoming super hard... my emotions like hate me right now... ima use to my emotions being kinda crazy but, like i think they seriously hate me... aghhhh... ima always staying busy cause it use to make it less hard but, i dont know... i jsut need help/support/ just someone to talk to or something... someone PLEASE help me!
autumnskyyy autumnskyyy
18-21, F
Nov 6, 2011