I'm Giving Up.

I don't know how to make him happy. My boyfriend doesnt text me all day. And so when I texted him he wrote me back once and then stopped. I'm not sure if it was because he was at work or something I'm not sure. And that bothers me, not ever knowing. He could at least just tell me he will be working late or something. Or tell me when he is done. And then I sent him a good night text and he got pissed at me.. What am I supposed to do? He doesn't talk to me, so I don't know what he is doing. :(
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Be patient with him. You have to remember he is miles from home. He is probably going through a lot my boyfriend gets like that sometimes. He may be studying for a test if he is in AIT mine has to study tonight. Just talk to him about it. To be in a military relationship it takes a lot of trust patients and understanding. Remember that

He isn't at AIT. He is on base, which is his home. And I am patient. It just bothers me when he says he will call and then never does.

Just calm down and relax. There will be a lot of times in a military relationship where your man won't be able to talk. Just trust him and know he will call you when he can!

I do trust him. I just need him so much sometimes.

I know I used to feel like my heart was literally dissolving and that I just wanted to scream at the top of my lungs cuz it hurt so bad. But it gets easier to deal with the separation.

I hope so. I feel like I bother when I want to talk to him so much... But that's just how I am. I want to tell him all the important things that happen.

Write them out!! Whenever you feel like you need to tell him something write him a letter and send it off! They LOVE getting mail! Or write a journal to him that he can read when he comes home!

I can't.. He won't let me send him letters..

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Every story you post relates to me. I texted and called mine 2 days ago.... Still no reply. Not even a “I'm ok” or anything!! Which is making me extremely nervous with him deploying in a week and a half if we don't communicate now how in the hell are we going to survive this 3-6 months while he's out of the country??!!

Exactally. I just never know what to do. What to think. And my mind jumps to conclusions.

Dont come up to a conclusion before u discuss it with him... There may b some situation that made it difficult fr him to reply... Hav faith on ur live n b positive. Happens with me bt later i get to know everytime that it was nt his fault..!!!

Okay.. Thank you.