Struck Twice By A Soldier

Silently sleeping next to me is the love of my life at this very moment. We met in high school. I moved to his town after my sophomore year. We went on Mission Trips to Mexico with the same youth group and had a blast the last two years of high school. I worked at Dairy Queen with his younger brother. "These boys..."my boss would say to me, "These boys are marriage material." I am no stranger to pain and trauma. I grew up with a very horrific upbringing. I was slowly dying on the inside when i moved to his town. I was an awkward girl. Never quite feeling comfortable and safe. My boyfriend don helped me. We were not dating or even close to dating in high school. But his kindness and laughter helped me get through the life I had led. After graduation he went off to Basic and I moved to the city with my only blood relative in town. Other than my sister, I was pretty much on my own. Don visited the December and things quickly got heavy between us. I was slowly beginning to open up to him. But he had to leave as he only had two weeks to be at home. I decided to move on because I was so young still. 5 years later, after going through a terrible mess with the father of my child, I move out and get my own apartment. He is out of active duty and doing the reserves, he contacts me yet again. I invite him over and things were even stronger than before. He walked in the door and I was floored. No longer was he my sweet gentle don, he was a man. A soldier. He absolutely took my breath away... Every since that not things are so wonderful. I still go through a lot of things stemming from when I was a child. He waits patiently for me and gives me love and attention. I come home at night and sink into his arms and I finally feel like I have a home.
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awwww!!!! :) congrats!!!! :) im so happy for you. You deserve to be treated like a queen :) seems like you have found the one i wish you the best. <3