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My boyfriend and I have been together two year and it has always been his dream to join the military. I have a daughter she is 3 and I cant leave the county because of her father and our custody arrangements. He was always planning to join active duty but the more he became attached to me and my daughter he said he couldn't ever leave us behind. So instead he joined the army reserves. I am still very proud of him for joining, he is currently in basic training. I have a cousin who just got out of the marines after 4 years. I was joking around with him about something completely unrelated and he said " hey at least I didnt join the weakest brach to be a reserve lol weekend warriors are funny" I was and am still really upset about it. I called him an *** and to screw off. But that really hurt me my boyfriend is in regular basic training still training as hard as everyone else! So what if he chose to stay here with his family I dont understand why anyone should make fun of that. I told him to do active if thats his dream but he told me now were his dream. I just hate people putting what he has worked so hard at to do, down. And i still miss him while hes at Basic the same as any other girl with her other half in training. Advice anyone? And if its to tell my cousin how i feel it definitely wouldnt work he always been an *** but its never bothered me before.
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Every branch and every part of those branches pick on each other. My husband calls marines jarheads and every other branch wimpy. But reserves don't get much respect, and unfortunately that's the way it is. Though they get the same initial training they won't be as well trained as other soldiers. But, he'll be around for you and your kids and that's a lot more important than respect from a bunch of jerks. But he's still a soldier, and deserves credit for that! Stay strong

Well i think that you need to tell your cousin that you felt very disrespected bg what he said whether he was joking or not and you should be proud of yourself for supporting your boyfriend so well!! :) give yourself some credit girl

I did and he didnt reply ha o well but Aw thank you :) that means alot