I Don't Know What To Do );

So ive been dating my boyfriend Franky since February and we have been through a lot in just that little time you know. But right after we started dating two weeks earlier his x girlfriend broke his heart and dumped him. Now they have dated for four years, so I was a little surprised that he was okay that fast. Honestly it was really unexpected but it happened and we really loved each other. By June he was joking around and saying when we have kids and get an apartment and stuff. But in July he said he needed a break and not just from me from everyone. One thing he said was i'm not breaking up with you but I just never really got a chance to get over his ex girlfriend so i could understand. But he doesn't talk to me only sometimes and that is very few and i get really upset over this. But one important thing he said was "If you really love me you will wait". Like I don't understand if he still wants to be with me and i'm still holding on to me and i don't want to let him go. Also he said if he wanted to break up with me he would tell me in person and i know that is true. I just don't know what to do because I love him I really do.
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first of all let me say that you are extremly strong :) for dealinv with this
i personally thik that you need to let him know how u feel the next time you talk to him and see what hes says and how he feels. i hope i helped

thank you and it did help but i finally got to talked to him but he's really not in the best situation so im just going to see what happens later on because right now it's not working out and it's really depressing because i don't want to lose him you know i really love him.