I Am A Student Of University

i am a student ,but i want to realized that i want to do nothing .i don't know what can i do .because i don't want
to do anything.so how do you think so,wow .i am a president of you .and then i want to do a lot of thing.acually
i am not really good at do homework.i want to play.and do what i want to do .though i want to be excuctive
but i don't know how to be the very best person in the world and don;t know how to do it .i am in a haze of cigar
smoke,i am not a cynic,but i am not a person likes admiring others.i am a person who i am .how to make it .may
may be i have to find another way to review my study.how about my english study ?so i want to .and this is my
shaomin shaomin
Dec 10, 2012