Is It Getting Easier! Hmmmmmmm

So his been gone over 2 months now, for the last month i thought it was getting easier.. we have our first child on the way and soon to be getting married when his home from deployment.. so much to look foward too, the days without him are easy when im busy, visiting family, having giggles with the girls i Never stop thinking about him! he is always on my mind! .. but when he rings on the night and tells me how much he misses me, thats it, i feel lost! i feel alone! I get scared, i worry! but when i hear those 3 words, i miss you, i love you, and when he says ill be home soon i no when i see the smile on his face it makes up for the time his missed, I love him so much! I just wish he could come home now! I get it Deployment he missed xmas, he missed the first apoinment with the midwife! im strong enough for deployments but Oh My Please send him home.... safe!!!

Abi xx
princessabi princessabi
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013