Helpp Advice Pleasee:(

Dont Know What To Do(army Girfriend)
Im happy with my soldier i want to make the big step already in becoming an Army wife i ask me and told him i want to be with him i want to be there for him more and more now i cant stand the distance anymore i want to be his wifey all i got from him is that he does not have the enough money to buy me a ring :( but i feel like his lying cause yes he has the money to waste so much on Sneakers going out and buying things for himself and he says when he gets everything ready he will marry me i ask him do we even going to have a future together it been 5yrs and half going to be 6yrs and im ready to be his wife already and i feel like his not ready or scared to be married all i want and im comminted to make the biggest decison of my life that i want him and i want to follow him everywhere but not as a girffriend as a wife already agg so pissed of and waiting for the day he marries me:(
Luvtennis89 Luvtennis89
22-25, F
Jan 14, 2013