Love My Soldier & Hating Skype

Really missing my boyfriend.
Has anyone ever had Skype cut out in the middle of a really special moment and it just ruins the rest of your day?
Had a lot of communication issues today. Stupid internet at the base he is at. I just want to hear his voice and see his face. It's driving me crazy!
Then our internet issues got so bad it cut out in the middle of our conversation so I didn't even get to tell him good night. And it made me kinda sad. I miss him so much.
With all the drama that's going on I really wish he was here. Deep down I'm really lonely right now. But the second I get to talk to him that feeling will quickly melt away and it will be just me and him.

really Just needing people who understand today:/
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Hey! I had the same...And the terrible thing is, it was on Sun two weeks ago! Really! I miss my man so much. I hate Skype more than you can imagine. The net is acting up often and we cannot help it, you know. We have to stay strong and keep calm. We have to have faith and show our men how brave we are. Be strong, Little Miss Airhead! :-)

Planning our V day Skype for Wesnday wish me luck! always have to plan ahead so we can see each other

It may sound odd because I don't know you but I know exactly how you feel. I haven't seen my boyfriend in over 7 months and i know that's less than what other girlfriends and wifes have gone through, but I really miss him a lot. We skype but it's not the same as being next to eachother. Sometimes the internet connection is bad and we lose contact but I dont need skype to know that i love him. I feel bad that i make him upset when i cry from missing him so much but I'd rather be in this hard relationship than in an easy one with anyone else. I know it's hard, but love really does overpower anything.

Hearing that accally makes me feel better. When it cut out we were talking about starting a family. I was over the moon happy then it stopped.

Good! Just know you're not alone and there's plenty of girls like us that our feeling the same thing. We talk about having a family all the time and it's something that makes me soo happy too! but just because it cut out when you were talking about it doesn't mean you can't have the same conversation again. if you really love this man and plan on spending your life with him, you have all the time in the world to have those kind of conversations :)

I really really wish I had gotten to tell him goodnight though. I feel empty because I didn't.

That's alright. He most likely went to bed that night thinking about you, and that's all he probably needed. It's okay you missed one night, you have plenty of nights to say goodnight to him.

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