Being in a two year relationship with a soldier who is deployed overseas is one of the hardest things I have ever done.
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I understand you completely I felt the same way with my husband but you will also realize that if you guys can get thru that you can get thru anything in my experience you become closer as a couple/marriage I'm not saying it's easy because it's not but what I am saying is it will all be worth it.

Be strong! When he comes home to you it will be worth every second.

How long has he been gone?

just 6 days. He will be in Afghanistan for the next year. I guess my anxiety comes from no communication and not knowing when we will speak again

I understand that! Mine has been gone for training for 7 days and will be back in another 7, but when he is finally deployed in a few months I don't know how I'll handle that! It's hard not hearing from them. I wish he could call or text or something...
Just keep your head up and keep breathing. He'll contact you when he can. Have faith in the strength of your relationship :)

That's probably the best advice I have gotten so far. He said it would take him about four or five days to get to his FOB. So i have been constantly checking my phone and my email waiting... as far as i know no one has heard from him. but on the fobs FB page some of the other families have

I'm glad I can help. I am keeping my phone next to me at all times in case he calls :) Knowing there are others out there that I can reach out to is what makes this a little easier for me. Don't get caught up in what is happening with other families, his situation could be a little different than theirs. He will call soon!

Oh man! I try not too. It's so difficult because then my mind starts to wander.

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