He is going away to Ranger school in two weeks - This will be the longest we have been apart so far. I am proud of him but I am so sad. I am in a new city with no friends - just work and our puppy! Not looking forward to how lonely I will be =(
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His unit should offer a support system of soldiers wives, at least they did when I was in.

We arent married yet. And his unit is amazing to me, but those women are dealing with deployments etc .. although I will miss him I have nothing to complain about. 2 Months where i know he is safe vs. 8-10 months in a combat zone is no comparison. Its just going to feel odd not having him come home every night.

I understand that. Maybe you could concentrate on being helpful to the other wives?

Thats the plan - volunteering and Yoga =)

I personally feel that connecting with the older women, the women who are spouses and have been doing this for a while is one of the best things you can do. The older wives tend to complain that the young ones just don't care...I am sure they would be happy to see that at least one does! These women were you at one point. They started out going through the same things you are. It seems like you have things pretty well in perspective re: training versus deployments, but it really is okay to express to the other women that this is strange and you miss him. They are the people who will understand the most! Who knows? Opening up about your feelings to one of them might make them more likely to open up to you when they need it.

Best of luck to you!

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