Busy Busy Busy

My boyfriend dose not leave till the beginning of June and i am very thankful for that. the only thing is  I Work and go to school full time and i always have three million things to do!! i have noticed that the anxiety of him leaving has made me not want to do anything else but hang out. lol Its hard for me to leave for school in the morning knowing then when i get off i have to rush to work only to get out just in time to go to bed. most free time is filled by other responsibilities or my family and i find myself having a short temper and just wanting to leave..

not good. ughh i realize that this is all life stuff. that i cant stop moving just because i am scared and that my boyfriend loves me and will be there on my day off. i know he has his own stuff to do so i think i just need to relax. i am excited for him. for this whole thing. and i love him very much. its just so hard not to rush to go see him because pretty soon i know i wont be able to for a while.. ughh kinda hard

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18-21, F
Mar 3, 2009