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Ive been with my boyfriend for over a year now and he is due to leave for Afghanistan soon. He has been on tour like this before but I did not know him at the time so havent got a clue what to think or how to react. Any advice would be much appreciated as the only other woman I know dating a soldier is married and living on camp so im kind of alone
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My husband just deployed and although I've been through NTC, basic, and AIT, I know a deployment is different. I really don't have any friends here(his duty station) because we haven't been here too long plus I have four children (makes it hard to get out and meet people). I'm moving back home. Back Home I won't know hardly anyone who is going through this, but via internet I have a wonderful support system filled with other military wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, and army brats even. Just keep posting when you feel the need to rant, vent, cry, break down, or have good news. It helps to get it all out!

dont worry so much he will be fine. every girl on here will be here for you. we are all here to support one another and never judge. if u ever need someone to talk to you can talk to me sweetie

thank you for the advice i didnt even think about skype i will take a note!

One thing I have noticed from when Dale was deployed and being home, is that I had a lot more contact with him when he was in Iraq. Now I know that every man as a different job over there and has different schedules. I just know I would have hour long conversations with him over Skype..a must have. And tons of emails, way more than I have gotten since he is back on base in the state... I don't want to get your hopes up cause that might not be the case with your BF, but for your sanity I hope it is....<br />
<br />
My suggestions are:<br />
<br />
Skype- internet calling system<br />
<br />
A webcam<br />
<br />
Some cute stationary to make him remember what a girly girl you might or might not be...I know I sure am.<br />
<br />
And well planned care packages.<br />
<br />
Remember we are all here for you!

Hey lady, welcome to EP! I would say re-post this in the I am an Army Girlfriend group, it's a lot more active, and there are tons of girls who can help you learn the ins and outs of deployment life. It is a hard thing to go through, but a strong love will survive and grow through it! We're always here for each other to help with the hard days, and cheer on the great days!