Acu Purses.....finally Ready...

 Girls I have some purses up on the website ready to ship..Check them out!!!!

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4 Responses Feb 7, 2010

I love these bags. they're soo cute!!

Okay Awesome! i did look at the website and i will join your fan page on facebook! ill be in touch! thanks!!

Of course you don't have to send me a pair of his old pants...I totally get the symbolisim of using an old uniform...but they aren't cheap!!! I have the actual ACU fabric and make several different styles and sizes of purses. I have the reverse flag patches, and US ARMY name tape as well. I can get a name tape with his last name on it as well. I although don't like using the velcro....I'd rather you send me the exact patches you'd like on the purse so I can sew them on....Keep in mind the price of the purse includes the Flag and Army name tape, but if you send me the flag and the name tape I will knock off 5.00 of the price...Feel free to email me at with any other questions....Did you look at the website for janebags???? Also find my fan page on facebook...Jane Bags....I need more fans!!<br />
Talk to you soon,<br />

Omg i Lovee them. Ive been looking into getting an acu purse put all the other site make you send in a pair of acus and my husband doesnt wanna give a pair up so i can get a purse made lol. Do you do that too? and also do you make the velcro things so i can put our last name patch, and a us army one, a flag and unit patch? Sorry for all the questions =)