April 3rd Of 2010 I Will Become An Army Wife =]

James and I met about 4 years ago at a fast food resturant named Whataburger, it was mine and his first job. The moment I met him I thought what a hunk! We became friends, great friends. He was always the one who was there when I would dump one of my loser boyfriends, and he was always there when I messed up. He was ALWAYS there. Then one day he wasn't I went to college, got a new job broke phones and lost numbers. He started working long hours at a cement plant (T.X.I)  I hadn't seen or spoken to James in months! Then winter break for college. =] I started part time at Whataburger and turns out James hated working the super long hours at T.X.I he went back to Whataburger. We started hanging out again and then soon I started school and two job and never not working we quit hanging out. I quit whataburger and we didn't talk again. It sucked I missed my friend. About a month after that I got word from my friend Trace that James joined the army. I really then figured that we would never see each other again. Wow was I wrong. Fate sure does have a funny way of playing itself out. Due to poor business my work let go of quite a few people, I happen to be one of the unlucky ones. SO needless to say I went back to whataburger (I know funny they always hire me back)  whataburger got invited to James's home coming party from A.I.T. I really wasn't planning on going b/c we hadnt seen or spoken to each other in MONTHS! I was working with his younger brother Andrew (who hated me with all of his heart) and I was asking him some questions that he wouldnt answer about James. But I happen to be friends with his ex and got his number. I texted him the day James was coming home. Due to the fact he didn't know whos number it was he told me anything i wanted to know.. James somehow guess it was me and called me later that night. He came over to see me =] About a week later I was his girlfriend. He stayed home for 20 days. It took about 5 for me to realize how much I missed and loved him. When he left he told me he loved me. He came home about once a month on leave passes for four day weekends. In November of 2009 he asked me to marry him. In December we concieved our first baby. Now Feb, 11 weeks pregnant about a month shy from my wedding date, I have never been happier...

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awwww...adorable! CONGRATULATIONS!!! On the engagement, the wedding, AND the baby!


awww that is such a cute story. Congrats on the wedding and the baby.