Hey Guys!

hey im new to this whole thing but Zack told me if i got on here alot of his buddys girlfriends used sites like this for support. i have been a full time marine girlfriend going on 2 years and i love him with all my heart. we plan on getting married but it will be after i get done with school which is 6 more years. i havent seen Zack in over six months now. and i miss him so bad. anyways i am free to talk anytime pretty much i love meeting new ppl who are going through the same thing i am.

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Army girlfriend here! My guy has been in the army for 6 yrs and counting! Right now, he is in Iraq and I miss him sooooo much. Its hard waiting for him to come home (feb 2011) . ANyone is free to message me as well! It would be nice to talk to other girls who are going(or have gone) through the same thing...because some of friends just dont get it :)

hey, im a airforce girlfriend i have been with him for like a year now im new to this whole thing but if you need someone to talk i also like talkin to people who are goin through the same thing. so im all ears :D

Hey girly! :D I am a U.S. Army girlfriend. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 and a half years and he joined the Army in June of 2009! haha. Anytime yah wanna talk, send me a message! I get on here a lot. :D And, I'm a chatty person!