I'm My Soldier's Soldier-subject-hookedyboogedy- Aka Army Lingo.

:/  this smiley right here is how i feel at the moment. I'm freaked,and scared for my soldier's life and i've also been in denial as well. I have been so "la-******-dee-da" about everything i dont even remember what unit my man is with. Whatever a unit is? yeah. I'm ****** pathetic. I'm learning ever so slowly what everything is right now. I have learned (listen up ladies!) that if you look something up on youtube about what your soldier is going through (such as training) thoughtfull soldiers have posted videos and actual footage! I memorize things by what i see and percieve them visually -not by thier actual name. boy! if a drill seargant asked me to name off specific weapons and thier functions, i would say "thats a bazooka! it shoots off thingys that explode!" then he'd say "**** NO!" then he'd smoke me. Army lingo is like chinese to me. Completely FOREIGN,man. All I usaully hear is " HE bla bleepy bloopy WEAPON,uhhh ****** bloop blipee SUCH AND SO SMOKED! I ATE heepy hoppy hoogadee doo! AND bleepy bonky **** tooky wooky AND ****** SEARGANT SO AND SO fleepy wickedy wonk fooky winetromich blimpy boop! I GOTTA GO,BABY. I HAVE TO ziggity zoggity zoop MY BAG AND frimpy bimpy weegy eegy MY woodle bang bang. I LOVE YOU,BYE" -and that is a seven minute conversation with my man. NOW WHAT DID YOU GET OUT OF THAT? TRANSLATION: "some guy forgot to clean up his gun. he got in trouble. I ate a meal on the field today. it was gross. the guy made his seargant mad so they had to do thier mission all over again. he has to leave. he has to pack his duffel bag and backpack. he also has to straighten out his uniform." so much shorter right?? yeh. thats what i thought as i rolled my eyes as he explained it in more of an english version.  oh well. I'm learning more of this "alien" lifestyle everyday. what can i say? I'm my soldier's soldier. ;) still in training though. Anybody know what i'm talkin about?

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thanks! I hope so too. We get married very soon ;)

Hope your relationship continues to go right. Best of luck!